MLS Owners Need To Pony Up

Unprepared not just for a pitch, but for a player of this calibre.

Presented with an opportunity to recruit Javier “Chicharito” Hernández, one of the Mexican national team’s top talents, Will Ferrell, one of LAFC’s many of owners, totally blew it on live TV. Kinda surprising, considering his time on SNL made him a star in comedy.

Rather than give plenty of reasons ($$$) to join the club, Ferrell sent this effort wide and over with his incredible impression of a player for England during a penalty shootout. As Smiv likes to say, it was “wover”.

Instead of taking the chance seriously (although it was unlikely to work), a pathetic pitch quickly became a laughable attempt at recruiting a talented player. It could have set LAFC apart from the rest of the league in terms of attracting talent above the club’s current weight class, not to mention doing wonders to change the MLS’ reputation as a retirement league.

Doing what Ferrell did won’t change that reputation, but rather, enforce it. This video is making its way throughout the internet, affecting the way people unfamiliar with the league look at it. If you didn’t know LAFC from Borussia Dortmund, then you probably laughed and changed the channel to NBA TV, with the notion that the MLS is a joke settling in your subconscious. Plus, it made LAFC’s massive ownership group look really stupid, like Scotland in ’96.

In order to alter the league’s barely unofficial label, MLS owners and upper management need to invest in youth at all levels, and be prepared to spend a lot for guys who are on the right side of 30. It will require a lot of money and plenty of time, but that’s exactly what you need when investing. If you want to own a club that attracts top talent, then go buy some; that’s how soccer works in 2017. To encourage the growth of the league, club owners have to put their money where their mouth is.

If only Will Ferrell did that on television.



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