These New Kits May Seem Familiar

If you weren’t paying close attention, you’d expect New Balance to have run out of ideas; when you look at the details of the new Celtic and Liverpool kits made by the American brand, you can’t help but notice a simplicity to the clubs’ new home kits.

It’s a nod to simpler days, to glorious years that are less familiar, but just as sweet. These new kits are a celebration of the past, as both the Scottish giants and Liverpool are coming up on major anniversaries.

New Balance hasn’t gone and ruined an homage to Celtic’s first European Cup-winning side in 1967, which beat favorites Inter Milan 2-1 in the final. In fact, this kit is the best effort from the brand since it inked a deal with the club in 2015.

It’s hard to mess up a Celtic kit, as the iconic hoop design can’t look bad, but New Balance produced a worldy with this shirt.

The only thing remains – will Moussa Dembélé be around next year to wear it?

With the 125th anniversary of the club’s founding, New Balance brought out an instant classic with a 70’s-based Liverpool home kit. It’s in a darker red than previous New Balance editions, which is a nice look, albeit from fourth place.

Subtle detailing and white accents on the collar and sleeve complete the old-school look, all the while maintaining a modern minimalism that gives the kit a lot of staying power.

New Balance is pretty new to the football kit sponsorship game, but the company quickly discovered a recipe for success when celebrating a club’s past; keep it simple, and keep it familiar.

Gold could have played a much larger role in Celtic’s shirt or Liverpool’s kit could have looked like a 3-D printed cherry with gold medals around it’s neck, but neither of those things happened. Instead, two kits were produced that will make fans of rival clubs secretly look on with envy, rather than providing fodder for memes and the like.

Thank God.



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