Witness One Of The Worst Displays Of Sportsmanship You’ll Ever See

For those of us who love sports and always dreamed of being a professional athlete, the thought of standing on the court, field, pitch, or mat and not performing to an elite degree never happens. No one dreams of taking their position and failing completely; it’s all about hitting buzzer-beating jumpers in a defender’s eye or striking a thunderous added time goal.

If you’re an Australian moron by the name of Nick Kyrgios, apparently you dream of completely (and purposely) sucking and tanking.

Yeah, that’s what dreams are made of…

During the Shanghai Masters, young tennis star (turned stupid idiot) Nick was in the beginning stages of a match against a respectable German fellow named Mischa Zverev; Mischa was up 3-1 in the first set, and all seemed normal, until our buddy Nick did this:

This 21 year old professional athlete (who’s actually got a lot of talent and a potentially bright future) just taps the ball over the net and wanders off the court like a kid who just dropped his ice cream cone. He then spoke with the umpire, who rightfully called him out, saying, “Nick, you can’t play like that. It’s just not professional. This is a professional tournament.”

That’s tennis for, “Nick, if you do pull this shit at another tournament, you’re f*cking done!”

Nick continued to pull that shit later on in the match.

Someone who gets paid to play a sport, a privilege that many of us would practically die for, doesn’t take his profession seriously.  During an interview with the Independent last year, Kyrgios admitted that he doesn’t love tennis, and would actually prefer to hoop on the daily. Your boy Nick would rather be an NBA player, as if that’s just gonna happen.

Just because you don’t love the sport anymore doesn’t mean you can just start tanking deliberately; if you don’t want to play tennis anymore,  then don’t show up at all.

He’s young and immature, but that’s no excuse for that kind of behavior; with insane talent and the ability to beat guys like Roger Federer at their own game, Nick needs to get his head back on straight. If you don’t like the sport, just stop playing or take a break, rather than embarrassing yourself and making nobody bloggers like me write about you.

Nick, let me tell you that you’ve got 0% chance of making it in the NBA. The years you spent with tennis are years you didn’t spend working on your handles, defense, shooting, and developing your game and basketball IQ. That ship never sailed; it sunk at the dock the day you picked up a racket.

Maybe it’s time you toss that thing in the ocean along with your hoop dreams.



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