This London Club Must Spend Big To Win The League

Arsenal have an Arsenal season ahead of them if they don’t purchase anyone before the transfer deadline, but even if Arsene Wenger spent £100m in the 11th hour, it wouldn’t guarantee a title.

Yet, there’s another London football club that must shell out some cash if it wants to fight for the Premier League title: Chelsea. So far this summer, Antonio Conte hasn’t had his hands very deep in Roman Abramovich’s pockets, only spending £63m on N’Golo Kanté and Michy Batshuayi, a meager sum compared to legit title contenders like either Manchester club.

That isn’t necessarily due to Abramovich being tight with his money, but rather because his squad doesn’t really need a whole lot of improvement. Or so, at least he thinks.

Diego Costa is a goal machine and a painful thorn in the side of every defender, capable of drawing fouls out of thin air.

Eden Hazard is playing like its 2015, taking to the pitch with confidence and he’s incredibly dangerous now that he’s found his shooting boots; if you want to win the league, you need someone like that in your starting 11.

John Terry, the captain, is the defensive anchor, although an aging one; that being said, his leadership qualities are undeniable (as well as his status as an asshole).

N’Golo Kanté is a shark, and it really seems like he’ll die if he stops moving. He’s one the summer’s best signings, Kanté will bolster Conte’s midfield for years to come, serving as the central backbone off which you can create a title-contending team. More rings are in Kanté’s future.

The summer transfer window is still open, so Chelsea fans may see some new faces soon, but when compared to other big English clubs, it appears they’re not spending nearly enough to legitimately challenge for top of the table; Romelu Lukaku could be on his way, but he alone won’t fix the club’s issues.

Conte wants to sign more players, but he’s been coy on who his targets are exactly. There are holes defensively and the right side of the pitch may see lack of depth what with Juan Cuadrado being rumored to make a permanent move to Juventus, so Abramovich may have to get out his checkbook if he wants any silverware this year.

Who will he buy, though? Most of the juicy transfer targets have already been swooped up, so there are slim pickings in terms of superstardom.

Speaking of which, if Conte is asking for a superstar, he may want a Galactico. James Rodriguez and his agent have “reached an agreement” with the London club, although any discussion among Real Madrid and Chelsea has yet to begin for the player who has struggled during the Zidane regime.

There’s no guarantee that James will return to his World Cup form, so if Chelsea land his talents, he might not bloom under Conte, although it could be money very well spent.

Chelsea are a pretty good side, but you need to be a great one to finish the season as champions. If your rivals are spending over £150m to win and you’ve got a side that finished tenth last year, you might want Abramovich to spend a little more.

Mr. Wenger, same goes for you.


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