Paul Pogba Needs A New Haircut Now

Known not just for his skill on the pitch but as well for his style, mainly in terms of his hair, Paul Pogba’s long transfer saga is finally at an end. Now that he’s about to rejoin his old club, maybe Paul will see some time in the barber’s chair.

According to ESPN FC, Manchester United and Juventus have come to an agreement on Pogba’s transfer fee, as if we hadn’t been waiting long enough for this to happen. Juventus want to get their money’s worth for the immensely talented 23 year old midfielder, but Pogba’s agent, Mino Raiola wanted to get a nice fat check from the deal himself, and this has significantly slowed down the process, or at least it’s contributed to the length of the ordeal.

The name “Pogba” and the price tag of £100m have been mentioned frequently together, and Manchester have been eager to complete a deal, no matter the price, so it makes sense that the total transaction is going to ring up to £110m – £83.3 of which goes to the Italian champions, and the remaining £25.1 goes to Raiola. Why he deserves that much is beyond me, but I’m sure it was the a huge factor in the deal getting done at all; big boy wants his money.


Manchester United let Paul go back in 2012 for a measly £800k, meaning they’re taking a £10.92m loss on the deal overall, and all because Sir Alex Ferguson’s squad didn’t have room for him. He featured just a few times for the first team, but that’ll surely change now.

United now look imposing from every angle, with The Special One providing tactical guidance and an intense motivation to win (which has been missing from every campaign since Sir Alex left). Adding Paul Pogba to a roster that just acquired one of the most gifted strikers ever in Zlatan Ibrahimovic is hard for other Premier League teams to swallow, and opposing defenses have good reason to panic this season.

Pogboom, Ibra, Rooney, Rashford, Martial, Mourinho. Some pretty big names right there, plus two that are on the fast track to stardom. Manchester United, the Red Devils, are back, and for many, that’s not a good thing – it’s hell.

For others, it’s heaven.


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