Desiigner’s Best Song Isn’t Out Yet

You have to admit, his voice sounds very similar to Future’s, and although it’s not something Desiigner (aka Sidney Selby III) can control, he’s certainly profited off those distinct windpipes.

“Panda” was a huge hit, and although he probably doesn’t have broads in Atlanta, the Brooklynite surely knows some folks down there now. His debut mixtape Old English totally sucked, and you can read a few reviews over on HNHH if you’re curious.

Perhaps Desiigner is more suited to focusing on one banger at a time rather than an entire project, and that’s totally fine. Desiigner should stick to that method, as it’s now the norm for artists to release free songs or singles often, and he could certainly fit in that lane.

He’s incredibly energetic, so much to the point of throwing up mid-“Panda”, and that helps distinguish himself from other rappers, especially considering his weak diction, which is displayed throughout Old English. While you’re not going to get clever bars out of him, Desiigner knows how to craft a catchy hook, ones so catchy they take up 20% of your current brain capacity and never go away, but that’s fine because they’re heat.

So, what’s next for Desiigner? What’s the next single?

If you payed attention to the XXL Freshman class this year, you’d know what’s next: Timmy Turner.

“Timmy Timmy Timmy Turner / He be wishing for a burner / To kill everybody walkin’ / You know that it’s on the furnace”, goes the hook, referencing the old Fairly OddParents show back in the day when Nickelodeon was still good. In his XXL freestyle, Desiigner lays down this hook and some unintelligible lines, snapping as he goes to create a soulful sound; you’ll be watching it a few times, so I’ll place it below.

All in all, it’s a great hook and one that is melodic and a huge progression from saying “Panda” over and over and lying immediately after.

Apparently this freestyle has spawned a song, thankfully, and Desiigner is working with legendary producer Mike Dean; there are snippets around the internet, all just audio or a few videos of when the two Periscoped the event, but we just need to be patient for the full version, which comes out sometime between now and the end of the world, but no one can be sure when. You can peep the cover art right here, but as of yet “Timmy Turner” is just some audio file on Mike or Desiigner’s computer.

Keep an eye out for the single, which is surely to be fire, but in the mean time, watch Desiigner’s XXL freestyle.


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