Manchester United Are Poised To Dominate The Next Decade


Manchester United fans have been able to rest easy this summer, knowing their club is set to return to it’s unstoppable form seen during Sir Alex Ferguson’s 25-year reign.

Attracting the services of The Special One, Jose Mourinho was a huge leap forward in terms of stabilizing management at the famed club, potentially ensuring success on a world level for years to come.

It’s not 100% official yet, but Zlatan Ibrahimovic is due to finish his illustrious career at Old Trafford, and is expected to sign on July 1. Considering he’s a free signing, United have their entire war chest for the summer still intact, waiting for a major transfer.

There’s a few hundred million pounds in there just chillin’, and Mourinho gets to play with all of it.


Word is circulating that he’s got a short list including names like James Rodriguez and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, but of the two, the Borussia Dortmund striker seems like the more realistic option, seeing that James just won the Champions League at Real Madrid and is finding his place among the starting XI.

The only thing is, Manchester United already have two strikers, and now technically three; Mourinho should trust the young duo of Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford, as they produced in clutch situations, all of which almost helped poor Louis van Gaal keep his job. Those two paired with the legend that is Zlatan should prove to be a formidable strike force, one that doesn’t necessarily require a name like Aubameyang, although it surely wouldn’t hurt.

What United needs is a solid midfield, one that can defend and attack, not one or the other. In comes the only surname Mourinho should have on his mind this summer: Pogba.

Frenchman Paul Pogba slipped from United’s grasp in 2012 at the end of Sir Alex’s tenure, as he wasn’t a part of the first team, but the future Ballon d’Or winner could make a glorious return if Jose can lure him in. “Come, we will win the league, the champions league, and many times over. You can become the best in the world if you come play for me.” He could say that, or you could just let Zlatan do the talking; you’d have to admit, it would be hard to say no to a guy like this.

Manchester United are set to return to former glory, and to terrorize every club not just in the Premier League, but around the globe. Under Fergie, the Red Devils were the nightmare of just about every club, and they seldom went a few campaigns without winning any kind of silverware. Under The Special One, United could win everything; it’s just a matter if he will let them.


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