Future & Zaytoven Have A Vault’s Worth Of Songs Together

When Fewtch and Zay get together in the studio it’s heat, and Beast Mode was Exhibit A.

Apparently, that short (but very sweet) tape isn’t the only thing they’ve got, as the legendary maestro that is Zaytoven revealed in an interview with HNHH that he and Future have more than 100 songs together.

Yeah, more than 100. Both are known for prolific output of music, but to have more than a few albums worth of songs is amazing.

Where is that music though?

A handful of tracks have come out since Beast Mode dropped last year, but nothing that can even come close to depleting the vault’s supposed supply. Artists have a variety of reasons to hold back music, but in this case there doesn’t seem to be a single reason why those songs aren’t available.

Are they going hard in the studio together to get a collection of songs with which to make Beast Mode 2, or did Zay just have a long list of beats to give Future to use on any project? The latter seems more likely, as Zaytoven is known for making beats every day, even composing songs for his church.

It’s been almost 5 months since Future dropped EVOL, an album we discuss here, so it’s about time he cracks open the aforementioned vault and drop some hot Zaytoven tracks on us. It’s summer, but hip hop fans could use some heat from two of the biggest names known produce it.

Keep a close eye on those two, as Beast Mode 2 must be ready to drop at any time.


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