BURRRR: Gucci Mane Is Free, And It’s For Real

Gucci Mane was released from prison today.

No, that sentence is not a typo. Gucci Mane, aka Radric Davis, finished his time behind bars just hours ago.

This comes as a surprise to everyone, except for Gucci. Months ago, his lawyer filed a motion that would account for previous time served, knocking months off Gucci’s current sentence, of which he’d served 39 months. That motion was granted, and now Gucci Mane is a free bird.

Gucci’s ripped too, and that’s just about as shocking as his unexpected release. Who knows how long he’ll stay in shape, but that’s not important. Now that the prolific trapper is free, his unprecedented production rate is about to see a spike, but Gucci was already putting out way more music than most artists when he was still in a cell.

Atlanta is hot right now, but with now that the city’s favorite uncle is back home, things are about to get stupid lit.


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