4 Charts Explaining NBA Coaching Hires

Some NBA teams have fired their head coaches, and a few of them have already been picked up by other teams. Here are 4 recent hires, accompanied by charts that detail each coach’s record in the NBA as the head honcho.

Tom Thibodeau


Records don’t lie, and Coach T is the truth.

Tom Thibodeau makes his return to Minnesota, assuming the roles of both coach and club president, which may become a trend itself in the NBA. This hybrid position for Thibodeau gives him a lot of control over the organization, but he should be able to tackle the job with energy and focus. He made his name in Chicago, but he actually got his start in the NBA as an assistant with the Wolves back in 1989, rocking this sweet mullet.

Jeff Hornacek

This is a surprise hire, but no one had any idea who was going to become the newest lackey of Phil Jackson. He did nothing (see chart below) in Phoenix, although he had little to work with under the sun. Considering that he has no prior experience with the triangle offense, you have to wonder what the coach/legend/ringcollector/guru/president was thinking when considering this guy.


Phil Jackson has proved to be a lousy, seemingly disinterested president, and bringing in Hornacek does nothing to dissuade that theory. No offense Jeff, but you won’t get this offense.

Frank Vogel


The Indiani Pacers got rid of Frank Vogel once they’d suffered a first round defeat in the playoffs, as Larry Bird looks to steer his team in a new direction. Today though (May 19), Vogel was swooped up by lowly Orlando, a team that seems to be in the midst of a perpetual rebuild. Vogel might the man for the task, but his last two seasons in Indy were less than stellar; can he turn around Orlando?

Signing on for four years and $22 million, he sure has the financial motivation.

Luke Walton

The Lakers are another team that is facing a lengthy rebuild, but assigning Luke Walton as head of the coaching staff is a step in the right direction. LA have the second overall pick in the draft this year, and seeing that they will likely snag either Brandon Ingram or Ben Simmons, whoever Philly doesn’t take at number one. A young core of players and a young coach can become the foundation of a solid Laker future, but can Luke perform under pressure?

This chart says so.


Before the 2015-16 season began, Luke Walton took over as the Warrior’s head coach, as Steve Kerr was out after back surgery, and he coached the first 43 games of the season before Kerr came back in January.


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