Lil Yachty Wants You To Join The #SailingTeam

“Hello Boat it’s so nice meet you,

I’m so glad you came…”

An autotuned introduction to the artist that is Lil Yachty, his debut mixtape Lil Boat presents a curious figure: a rapper who has two alter egos, Lil Yachty and Lil Boat, each one being distinctly different.

With a voice remarkably similar to that of Andre 3000 and with a strong command of the flow, this 18 year old Atlanta talent stands out, and for a variety of reasons: he’s talented, made his own style in his own lane, and he’s a human antidepressant. Plus, he’s got red dreads with beads.

ATL is hip hop-saturated, but he’s already received plenty of attention, and rightly so; Lil Yachty’s music is captivating, and it’s interesting to listen to each song in expectation of who is going to appear: Lil Yachty, or Lil Boat?

Lil Boat is the reckless trapper, while Lil Yachty is the emotional, contemplative singer. This makes for a well balanced act, and Lil Boat is a perfect example; there’s a fine mix of both alter egos on the tape, and both are at home on the absolutely amazing production provided by guys like Ducko McFli, Burberry Perry, and Grandfero.

While one song that exploded for Lil Yachty was “Minnesota” (a Grandfero production), which is remixed on Lil Boat, arguably the best song on the tape is “Run:Running”, sampling the Mario 64 file select menu song. Yeah, that sample is dope as hell, and Lil Yachty makes it into one of his greatest tracks.

Lil Boat showcases Lil Yachty’s natural ability to craft a hook, which is his greatest strength, but he also has clever bars peppered throughout. Lil Yachty isn’t the kind of artist that is going to save rap, but he’s really easy to enjoy, and that’s all Lil Yachty likes to do – have fun and enjoy everything, and this euphoria is evident all over Lil Boat.

Near the finale, on the 12th track “Fucked Over”, Lil Yachty put a past relationship on display, and it involves him getting hurt of course, but Lil Boat’s at his best when he’s feeling something. Clearly, Lil Yachty hasn’t always been floating, but now he’s found his wave.

That song is a departure from the rest of the tape, which is generally positive, but it reaches its peak at the very end, on the track “We Did It *Positivity Song*”. Here Lil Yachty reaches out to his fans to promote positivity, and basically, he wants you to know that you can do it. Whatever “it” happens to be, Lil Yachty believes in you.

Download Lil Boat right here, and you might do the same for him.


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