This Kid Gets It

Ivan Rabb could be a top 10 draft pick when NBA teams select new talent this summer. He’s big, can shoot effectively, and he’s shown maturity and a desire to improve that will make coaches salivate.

They’re going to have to stare and drool for another year though, as Ivan is staying at Cal for his sophomore season.

Rabb’s decision is one that you wouldn’t expect a talented teenager to make; when NBA teams come calling, offering enormous sums of money, it can be hard to look away, and the thought of suffering an injury or seeing one’s draft stock fall by the next draft usually convinces NBA prospects to put pen to paper.

Ivan isn’t worried about any of that; he knows the NBA could use his talents, but he wants to improve every aspect of his game so he can contribute at the next level from day one. It’s no guarantee that his draft stock will improve, but that doesn’t matter too much as long as you know you’re getting picked.

Ivan Rabb can ball, as he’s shown on the court for Cal, and there’s no question he can play at the NBA level; unlike the vast majority of athletes in his situation, Ivan can wait a little.


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