Signed, Sealed & Delivered: Post Malone Drops An Incredible Mixtape

We didn’t know what to expect or when, but we should have. Despite delivering just a small handful of songs so far in his short career, Post Malone dropped off a full project for us last night, his much sought-after mixtape August 26.

Just about every song Post has released so far has been great, garnering tons of listens and establishing the young rapper/singer as an artist with loads of talent. His latest effort is no different; this tape is all quality, full of infectious hooks, amusing production, and smooth bars from Post and his features.

10 tracks long, August 26 is a reminder that this Texas star is a hugely talented songwriter with a strong voice and uncanny ability to create hit after hit.

Post has largely kept his catalog to himself, but this tape has a selection of features on it, and each one makes sense and fits well with the song’s concept. Seven artists tag along on August 26, but they don’t drag down the 10-track tape with extra weight, as projects chalk full of features usually do. Each featured artist doesn’t distract from the song, and they all kill it; you won’t find a single wack verse on the mixtape.

2 Chainz appears on the second track Money Made Me Do It, a hit that is surely going to get serious airtime this Summer. Frequent collaborator 1st of FKI has a song, but there’s one feature that stands out amongst the rest: Jaden Smith.

Yeah, Jaden Smith. You’re not alone if you thought “wtf, why”, because I sure did. You may think Posty lost it with this one, but trust me, it’s fine. Don’t worry, the project is intact, everything is fine – the wheels aren’t coming off. In fact, Jaden’s bit on the song Lonely is inspiring and fun, as his SKKRRRRR is a definite highlight of the song. Jaden is generally ethereal, but his proclamations on the emotional track are an unexpected change from his odd Twitter timeline.

August 26 is further proof of Post Malone’s ability to craft a hook, deliver silky verses, and above all, give his loyal fans a great experience. We had to wait a while, and never got a specific date, but you shouldn’t really expect a hard release date from Post when he’s busy and on tour.

There is one thing we should always expect from Post though: great music.

Download August 26 for free right here.


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