Arsenal’s Biggest Fan Shuts Down The Wenger Haters

Pockets of Arsenal fans have been very vocal about their desire to see Gunners’ boss Arsene Wenger leave the North London club this year, but there’s one Arsenal faithful who is adamant about keeping the legendary manager.

Copa90‘s Poet is known as a huge Arsenal fan; he lives and dies by the Gunners, and you can watch a brilliant video documenting what the club means to the slender and stylish YouTube pundit.

Earlier today (considering he lives in London), Poet took to the ‘Gram to share how he feels about Arsenal fans trashing a brilliant manager, one who has given the club and it’s fans something to look forward to every year since his appointment.

Poet acknowledged that the fans’ angst may come from the right place, but says that it has now reached a point where it’s negatively affecting the players and even the crowd’s atmosphere.

It’s just an unnecessary distraction, and a very tired one at that; you really only need a weekend or two to make your voice heard, such as when 10,000 Liverpool fans walked out of a match after the 77 minute mark to protest rising ticket prices. This ongoing rant by certain Arsenal fans has far exceeded it’s expiration date, and Poet’s calm, measured stance on the issue may help quiet down the fans’ dissent.

Peep the photo and it’s inspired caption below.


poet caption.jpg


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