It’s Time You Know The Trap Triple Threat Treez Lowkey

A lot of people like Lil Uzi Vert. He’s pretty good, made some good songs. But, you know who he likes?

Direct your attention to young rapper/singer/producer Treez Lowkey; everything this kid has on his Soundcloud is amazing, and it’s puzzling why he hasn’t had his glo up yet, especially with that nice shoutout. Treez is on the cusp of fame, but maybe a mixtape, one uploaded to a site like Datpiff would help get him the large fanbase he deserves.

You know you like to be known as the one in your group of friends with the fire aux cord in the car, and if you’ve got Soundcloud, then you’re just a few taps from Treez’ catalog, which is steadily growing. Clearly, Treez Lowkey works all the time, and pretty much everything he makes is 🔥🔥🔥.

Living in Virginia, this triple threat is young but his talent is natural and seemingly limitless, as evidenced by his self-produced hits that would definitely earn just as many if not more downloads than guys like Lil Uzi if he had the same platform. Treez will get there, but I’m sure he’s ready for a quick ascent once the opportunity presents itself.

With songs like “Watch“, “Reload“, “Packin Outro“, and “Off The Hook“, Treez Lowkey has songs for the trap, but don’t think he’s one dimensional.

Souncloud projects Stay Home Tonight and GET WELL SXXN are chalk full of tracks the ladies will love, so he definitely appeals to everyone, which can’t be said for some rappers capable of hard tracks like “Reload”; you know, it’s kinda hard to cool down from that heat, but Treez can do it just fine.

He’s buzzing on Soundcloud, gaining interest on social media, getting shoutouts from popular artists and publications, but maybe he hasn’t taken off just yet for a reason. Soundcloud is great and all, but if you want to get people to notice you, you need to drop a mixtape that people can actually download; currently, only 4 of his 25 songs can be downloaded, and that could be a drawback.

I was low on data last month and rather than play Treez Lowkey on my walk back home from campus, I had to stick to my old stuff that I’m getting a little tired of; if his songs could be listened to offline (by making a mixtape), that might encourage more listeners and more downloads, thus more exposure, and then loads of money and girls for Treez. We all win.

Drop a tape, Treez Lowkey, and maybe you’ll end up being the guy who shouts out the next kid on the way up.


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