Cooking Up: Migos’ Quavo Announces New Tape

Each member of the Migos trio can be found on various corners of social media, but it’s Quavo, the unofficial head of the group, who is active on Snapchat, posting often throughout most days.

Most of the time it’s just selfie videos of Quavo in the studio, on the road, or about to perform (almost all of which involve blunts of the finest quality), but today he felt like giving us a hint as to what the north Atlanta trio have been working on lately. Captioning one snap “otw”, in the next one Quavo says “No Label 3” while Takeoff can be heard rapping in the background.

No Label 3 will, of course, be the third installment in the No Label series. No Label was Migos’ first official tape, and No Label 2, released over two years ago was a huge success with almost 713,000 downloads on Each of it’s predecessors reached major milestones for Migos, but this upcoming mixtape will come as no surprise if it is near the level of No Label 2; after their debut album didn’t perform so well, Migos went back to their roots and put out a highly underrated mixtape, Y.R.N. 2. After a missed basket, the trio rebounded and posterized the rap game.

While the second snap featured a snippet of a song that likely will be on No Label 3, Quavo (Snapchat: yrnmigosyrn) didn’t say when this tape is due to come out. Y.R.N. 2 came out back in January, so I would expect this new tape to come out in the next few weeks.

Migos’ output has slowed down over the last year, but that doesn’t mean they’re resting on their laurels. With one tape seemingly on it’s way, who knows what they have in store for the rest of 2016.

Screenshots of the snaps can be seen below.



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