Zlatan Can End His Career In Glory With This Club

Having just lost his final chance to win the Champions League during his stay at PSG, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is going to leave Paris this summer without the ever-elusive trophy. He could have won it with Paris Saint-Germain, but now that his contract is soon to be up, he’s able to sign with anyone he wants.

Will he sign with a big club and make a final charge for the cup, or will we follow the money and join a Chinese club?

Zlatan will do whatever Zlatan wants, but if he’s grown wise over his brilliant career, he’ll join a club that is primed to win the Champions League. At 34 years old, the Swedish giant doesn’t have ample time to make another run, so he will need to choose right if he forgoes the money and chases glory.

Zlatan can’t go to just any club, though; he’s not easy to manage, he desires the ball constantly and doesn’t play well with other strikers, so he will need to be the lone man. Zlatan has to be the lead man, but he’s proved to be just that, winning trophies all over Europe. He’s always known a World Cup or Euro title has never been an option, as the Swedish national team isn’t a very strong side, but he’s had his eye on the Champions League for some time, and almost every club he’s played with has been capable of such a feat.

Yet, it’s still avoided him. He’s won 28 (technically 26) domestic titles in Italy, France, Holland, and Spain, yet it’s the biggest European title that’s still missing from his trophy case.

Zlatan has stuck to the European continent, but maybe it’s time the taekwondo black belt purchases a ticket to cross the Channel. If he goes to the Premier League, he could end his career in the greatest way Zlatan could imagine; lifting the Champions League trophy.

If he couldn’t win it at a stacked club like PSG, he may not win it anywhere. He’s won just about everything else, but maybe Zlatan isn’t capable of winning the big titles; maybe he’s too old, or maybe he’s already given up on that dream.

If he hasn’t given up, if he cringes at the thought of retiring without it, Zlatan should make his way North London. To win the Champions League, Zlatan must join Arsenal. Surely he will request huge wages, but those demands can be met. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has been coy when asked about a potential uniting of giants, but it would suit both of them to join forces.

Zlatan could do with one final run; he might be able to snag any of the English domestic tournaments, while Arsene could use the striker’s abilities in the box to score goals and end his club’s league title drought.

Zlatan’s options are wide open and no one can be sure where he will end up this summer.

Maybe he’s already looking past this summer and envisioning the next one, only when he pictures himself, he’s holding something very shiny.


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