No Euro 2016 For French Star

Karim Benzema has been in good form all year, collecting 21 goals in 22 games, but his performances have been overshadowed by something slimey he did off the pitch.

An old friend of Karim had plans to extort some cash from another France international, Mathieu Valbuena after he discovered a sex tape made by Valbuena. Benzema eventually approached Valbuena and told him, “If you want the video to be destroyed, my friend comes up to see you in Lyon and you see him directly and you speak with him. Don’t send anyone else. You can do whatever you want. Ok, if you don’t want to pay, it’s your life but I have warned you.”

Karim didn’t think he was doing anything bad, but oh no, my friend. Benzema could potentially face up to 5 years in prison if he’s found guilty of extortion, which would definitely put a hamper on his career.

Because of that, Benzema will now have to watch the Euros this summer in front of his TV, hoping his country can claim the esteemed trophy without him.


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