Buy Or Bye: Arsene Wenger’s Dilemma

Arsene Wenger is one of the most brilliant and decorated managers in the history of soccer; he’s won the Premier League 3 times and the FA cup 6 times, and did the double (winning both competitions) twice, in ’97/’98 and ’01/’02.

Those are some of the highlights of his illustrious career, but at this moment, Arsene is at a low point. He’s no stranger to speculation and criticism, two things he faced right after his appointment as skipper back in ’96, but this year, Arsenal fans want him out.

Not all fans of the North London club feel that way, but a good portion do, and boasting a powerful voice, the fans could potentially get what they want.

If they just held on for a second and dropped the banners advocating for his dismissal, Arsenal fans could be in for a major treat. Yeah, I’m talking silverware.

Last summer the only player added to the Arsenal lineup was Petr Cech, a fine goalkeeper, but that was it. Rather disappointing, considering how much cash Wenger has been given to burn, but it appears that this coming summer will see more than one acquisition.

It’s been reported that Juventus forward Alvaro Morata is at the forefront of Arsene’s shortlist, and despite a season that dims in comparison to last year, he would still be a welcome offensive addition. Arsenal fans may want fresh blood in charge of their club, but to cast away such a talented manager when he’s lead the team to the Champions League in every year but one (his first), won the double twice, brought in great players (minus some duds), and has kept them in the running for the league title year after year would be irrational. Arsene has his sights set on a number of players around the world, and he seems intent to get them all.

Arsenal fans compare the current season, one plagued by injuries just like the club always has under Arsene with the years they brought trophies back to both Highbury and the Emirates. This season was unlike any other since the Premier League’s inception in 1992, what with Leicester topping the table by 7 points, an absolutely preposterous thing to consider last spring, when they were bottom of the league and had just fired their manager.

Chelsea has completely lost all direction and has finally started to find it with the hiring of Antonio Conte, and that’s a team Arsenal frequently battles to reign supreme in England.

With the league on its head, and Arsenal limping behind a fox on fire, to blame Arsene for the club’s troubles is to forget how he’s got the Gunners to compete with the league at it’s best; he managed The Invincibles, and he’s found plenty of stars to take the pitch in red and white, frequently winning titles. Clamoring for a Champions League trophy is reasonable, but to ask for Arsene’s sacking lacks reason and short term memory.

Arsenal fans need to let Leicester have their party. Soon enough, they’ll have another one of their own.


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