OKC Thunder Pregame Dances Are Lit

In the moments before the tipoff, NBA players have various routines, such as LeBron James’ powder toss, Dwayne Wades’s pull-ups on the rim, and many players make the rounds, fist bumping guys they will soon see under the basket, fighting for boards.

The members of the OKC Thunder have a different pregame routine, and it’s lit. Triple double machine Russell Westbrook and rookie guard Cameron Payne frequently combine forces and make up a dance team that is to be reckoned with; they could be out there with the Thunder Girls if they wanted to.

It’s not just the point guards that get hyped before games via interpretive dance, as KD and Andre Roberson have moves that are just as smooth.

Even when they are in the middle of a game the Thunder are feeling it, as their bench goes wild after nice plays, such as this deep KD three, invoking a funny dance from Serge Ibaka.

Russell Westbrook loves to get hyped for his squad:

The pregame energy they cook up when dancing seems to have had a positive effect on their season, as they are cruising to a 3 seed in the playoffs and have clinched their division. When the Thunder turn up their game for the first round, I’d fully expect their dancing to be on another level as well.

When you play this well, you’re allowed to have some fun.


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