Manchester United’s Next Manager Will Be No Flop

He’s been ready, patiently waiting for his name to be called. He surely has a vision for now, one for the future, and he’s the kind of person that can execute it just as he’s laid it out.

Jose Mourinho wants to be the next manager at Manchester United, and Malcolm Glazer would be wise to take him on.

Everyone is over Louis van Gaal, even Louis van Gaal; while he’s a respectable manager, his tactics haven’t worked out, and Manchester United have suffered because of it. Although his second tenure at Chelsea was marred in the final months, Mourinho is absolutely capable as a manager, but with his availability and van Gaal’s lack of the right ideas, what’s preventing the sacking of van Gaal and the hiring of Mou?

It surely isn’t money.

It’s money.

Clever Louis van Gaal has a clause in his contract with Manchester United that pays him a nice prize of £10m if he’s fired before they are mathematically eliminated from qualifying for the Champions League. United faced the same issue with David Moyes, but we all know how that ended.

Mourinho, aka The Special One, knows he’s next in line at Old Trafford, but he must feel like a caged lion at the moment, waiting for his chance to run the kingdom.

United rest just a single point behind town rivals City in fourth place, but it’s a wonder if van Gaal can corral his team and earn that Champions League spot, as they haven’t been in great form all year. They did scrape away three points from Everton this weekend, but their next two matches are against second place Tottenham and gritty West Ham, two matches they cannot lose.

Time is a commodity van Gaal has a very limited supply of, and he will need to earn some points quickly if he wants to keep his place in one of the world’s most recognizable organizations.

The season is reaching its conclusion, and while one manager wishes he could turn back the clock, there’s another who can’t seem to make it go fast enough.


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