3 Reasons Why Messi Should Go To Manchester City

It’s undeniable that Messi is the greatest soccer player on the planet, and in his illustrious career at Barcelona, he’s won a great deal of trophies, both for team and individual efforts. Rising up through Barca’s legendary youth academy, Messi has always called Camp Nou home, but it’s time for change.

Lionel Messi has conquered Spanish football, but there’s a league that he would be perfect for, one that has been beckoning him for ages: the Premier League. Rumors over the years have circulated about potential Prem suitors for the 5-time Ballon d’Or winner, but none of them were very serious; now, though, it seems like Manchester City and it’s bottomless war chest could finally lure him away the Catalan club.

While it may be yet another rumor, this one has some weight to it, and there are 3 reasons why such a deal could take place; without further delay, let’s dive in.

/1/  Barcelona Needs The Money, And City Has It

It’s no secret that FC Barcelona is cash poor, and in desperate need of finances to cover renovations to Camp Nou (running at a cost well over £400 million), Barca would be better off selling 28 year old Messi while they can still fetch a transfer fee over £100 million.

Barca’s front three of Messi, Luis Suarez, and Neymar have unfathomable weekly wage bills, and those three players’ costs take up 73% of the club’s revenue, which is ridiculously high, and something that must be remedied soon if they plan to avoid any financial trouble. SNM (Suarez, Neymar, Messi) may be bringing in cabinets full of trophies, but if Barcelona want to compete in the future, they should sell their main star now, while his stock is at it’s peak.

/2/ Premier League Perfect Fit For Messi

Spanish football is more about controlling possession, which can be a bit boring, while the Premier League features entertaining, attacking style football, something that fits Messi’s style of play like a keeper’s glove.

Messi is a world star that is beloved everywhere he goes, and the UK is no exception; British fans are hankering for a star of Messi’s calibre, which is one of his own. There are plenty of big names in the Premiership, but to have the greatest footballer alive in the biggest league in the world would be monumental for everyone involved.

/3/ City Needs His Help

Manchester City have some of the deepest coffers of any club in the world, yet they still struggled all year to remain one of the teams competing for the Prem title. Players’ health and consistency had an impact on their campaign, but securing the talents of a player like Messi would send them on the fast lane to Silverwareland, a place that has eluded City since they won both the FA Cup and the league title in ’13/’14.

Messi must be tired of waltzing his way to first place every year in all Spanish competitions, and joining the ultra-competitive Premier Leauge would be a welcome challenge. No more Clasicos, but in England, every weekend reaches that intensity. In La Liga, it’s rare when a top team loses to a bottomfeeder, but the Premier League is entirely different, just look at the current season!

Rumors are rumors until they’re not; for this one in particular, I doubt many people will regret seeing it become a reality, even if you’re FC Barcelona.



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