Post Malone Swindled Us All

After promising his fans he would release his debut album in March, the month of which there is only a few hours remaining, we are still without a Post Malone album or even a mixtape.

Now, Post is on Justin Bieber’s Purpose Tour, which has a lot of stops, but it’s not unheard of for an artist to cook up some content on the road for their anxious fans. We’ve waited some time since he burst onto the rap scene, and his catalog is still pretty small, so if he would at least give us a single or a free track to tide us over would be dope.

While the day is only halfway over (PST), Malone’s got some time left to finally bless us all with his debut, but I seriously doubt that will happen. Artists have been known to delay projects for a variety of reasons, but it doesn’t seem like he’s run into any trouble, and he’s made no mention of anything of that nature on his social media accounts.

We’ve waited impatiently for albums before, and I think we can wait for this one. If it’s not worth the delay, Posty may have some trouble on his hands.


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