Sluggish SS3 Is Finally Here

Young Thug has been talking about Slime Season 3 for a few months, at one point saying it would be out in February, but that never came to fruition. After a confusing marketing campaign that involved the ‘burial’ of Slime Season 3 and much delay, the sought after tape is finally here.

SS3 is the third project in the Slime Season series, and despite the first two tapes being free, this one must be purchased on iTunes, although for a reasonable $8. That’s a price you should be willing to pay, considering it’s a solid ending to an exciting trilogy.

Only 8 tracks long, Slime Season 3 is significantly shorter than it’s predecessors, but it makes up for it in quality. Young Thug’s status as a bonafide star are further cemented with this new tape, as every song is a hit, and his unique energy and tone are on full effect in SS3; it may have taken a while for Thugger’s fans to eat, but they’re eating good.

Lil Jeff allowed just one feature on the project, letting Yak Gotti get on the trap hit “Slime Shit”, a song carried by Thugger and the beat, but Gotti does okay, although his verse is more of an afterthought and SS3 would serve better without it. If you’re going to have one feature, you might as well have more, but fortunately Young Thug kept SS3 to himself.

Thug knows what his fans want, and he can afford to delay because he knows whatever he puts out it will satisfy their hunger. Let’s hope he stays hungry, too.


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