Fallen But Not Forgotten: Rest Peacefully, Bankroll Fresh

Upwards of 50 shell casings littered the ground, but despite what you may think, there was just one victim. The reason behind the grotesque violence? Who cares, it’s likely futile; what really matters is who lay silently among those shells.

Trentavious White was 28 and enjoying the beginnings of what would have been a successful career as a rapper when he was gunned down by someone he knew, someone from the same trade, someone who’s lived a very similar life. It’s been reported that the rapper Skooly, aka No Plug was the person who shot and killed Trentavious, aka Bankroll Fresh, but the reason behind the violent outburst is not yet clear.

Most people may not know Bankroll Fresh, but for those who do and for those who have heard his music, you get the idea that this was a guy who was simply using his talent to get out of a tough life and to support the people he loved, and it was clear he had a great time doing it. He may have rapped about subjects some of us may not be able to relate to directly, but despite that you understood that he was a person who was always going to be honest about himself and had the motivation to overcome any adversity.

I only knew him from his music, but I was inspired by his spirit and you could see that everyone around him fed off it too. Trentavious was the kind of guy who everyone liked, and he liked everyone back. Whether or not he was in an argument with Skooly, I know that if both of them had not resorted to violence and took some time to cool off, Bankroll would have quickly made the first move in repairing things between the two, like a real man would. He was young, but Trentavious was definitely a man.

This tragedy makes no sense and it never will. I can’t imagine how his family and loved ones are feeling right now, but I know that I’m still in numb disbelief. Who would want to shoot this guy? He’s the kind of rapper that your favorite rapper likes, and for another rapper to shoot him, not just some random criminal who wanted to test him for his jewelry, defies all logic. Murder has a way of doing that, I guess.

I never expected an artist I liked would die, and for one to go well before their time and for no readily apparent reason upsets me. I discovered him on my own, liked his music immediately, and when I’d combed through his entire catalog, I was pleasantly surprised. This was a guy who seemed to kind of come out of nowhere, although Atlanta is the furthest thing from that. To come up in Atlanta and to stand out in that hip hop saturated city was an incredible feat, one he did effortlessly; rap came naturally to Trentavious, and it’s something he lived for. Like it or not, he certainly died for it, too.

Rest in peace Bankroll Fresh, you will always be remembered.




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