In The Vault? Post Malone’s Album Seems To Be All But Forgotten

Back when 2016 was in it’s infancy, Post Malone tweeted that his album was coming out in March, which is now. He’s been on tour for a minute and doesn’t seem to be done with that any time soon, so either the album isn’t ready or it is only a matter of days before it comes out.

Either way, it’ll be fire. Post Malone has only given us a handful of songs since White Iverson came out, all of which have been of exceptional quality and surprised a lot of people. An album from the mysterious talent would be welcome to his fanbase, but if you have yet to catch onto his wave, this album will be another opportunity for you to do so. It’s title is still unknown, although he did try to troll us all by tweeting that the album would be called Album of the Year, which did catch some people slipping.

If I had to guess, it will be a two-word title that fits perfectly with Post’s vibe and charisma. No idea why, but that’s just what I’d expect from Austin Post right now.

Do you think Post’s album will come out this month? What will it’s title be? Is it even ready? We’ll find out.


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