Future Is Taking Over Snapchat

Future is on a prolific run Pluto right now, as the last two years Future has been one of the hottest artists in the world. He’s taken over the rap game, he’s taking over fashion, and now, fresh off a dope album, Future has taken his limitless talents to Snapchat.

Snapchat, watch the f*** out.

You might wonder why it’s taken him so long to join; frankly, I’m surprised he had the time for it, as time has been very important to Future lately, but join he did. After watching his Story today, it’s clear the trap king plans on showing his lavish life on the insanely popular social network.

Five-star restaurants. BAPE hoodies. Blunts. Loud Music. This is just a moment in Future’s life, presumably his one of his first snaps ever, and he’s already killing the Snapchat game. Nayvadius, man, cool it with the winning; save something for us lames who don’t have deals with PUMA.

Nah, scratch that. Fewtch, keep doing you. I want to see more of you hanging out in empty five-star restaurants owned by some random friend you have, consuming whatever substance is the best fuel for your darkest, most impressive work. By joining the 400 million or so Snapchat users, Future gives his fans another window into his fascinating life, and I highly recommend you give him a follow on Snapchat. Finding him is simple: search “Future” and click the “+” icon.

What a time to be alive.


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