It Took A Month For The Trap Album Of The Year To Drop

Future has solidified his role as the current King of Hip Hop, whether you agree with me or not- just look at his output. He had one of the best years in 2015 than any rapper has had in recent memory, putting out projects that had the trap jumping like Jordan all year. 56 Nights, Beast Mode, Dirty Sprite 2,  and WATTBA were all fire, but Supa Future is going just as hard in 2016.

Purple Reign came as a pleasant surprise to the #FutureHive (his fans), but no one was shocked to find that he’s still in rare form, as the entire tape is flaaamme. As usual Metro Boomin and DJ Esco had their hands all over the production, as well as the familiar Southside and Nard B even got in on some beats. It’s Future in a dark mood as usual, and that’s the Future that we all love; the one who isn’t afraid to voice his thoughts on all things fashion, women, and drugs over haunting beats.

It took just over two weeks into the year for Fewtch to drop a tape, and it’s fire. Not even three weeks after that and we’ve got a Future album! What a time to be alive.

Future’s newest project is entitled EVOL, which is meant to be “Love” backwards, as Future tweeted, clearing up any questions on the meaning of the title. The cover art is raw as usual, and features a crazy floral design, but don’t expect Future to release anything that could be perceived as “happy” or “carefree”, as flowers usually portray. This album is codein-fueled like all of Future’s best work, and the production would fit perfectly on 56 Nights, Monster, or Purple Reign.

Boastful as ever, Future goes in immediately with the track Ain’t No Time, proclaiming, “Kicking flavors Saint Laurent watch how I walk.” Fashion has always been a passion of Future, and he mentions all the brands he rocks at almost any chance he gets; flexing is what Future does. He’s in a brooding mood as he has been of late, especially since his ex-fiance Ciara is sueing him, but their past has just made his music better. Future needed Ciara to evolve as an artist, and it’s evident in his recent run of putting out hard hitting, dark trap sounds. This new album is no different.

EVOL is 11 tracks deep, and when listening to the album you’ll see how cohesive it is and how each song readies you for the next. People who love to hate Future will say that all the songs are the same, but that’s just their bias shining through; they’re clearly different from each other, but the way the album is organized makes those simple-minded folk think that it’s just the same song over and over again. Pray for them.

This album is desperately pleaing for you to play it at full volume, and I don’t think anyone will think twice about bumping EVOL as loud as their speakers can go; this album is chalk-full of bangers produced by Future’s closest producers Metro, Esco, and Southside. A few of the tracks that standout production-wise are Lil Haiti Baby, Ain’t No Time, and Photo Copied, but don’t let that distract you from the other songs; just about every beat can be picked out and enjoyed immensely on it’s own.

Future has become known as a hit-maker, but in the last couple years he’s been recruited mostly for coming up with hooks for other artists who aren’t as skilled in that respect. Since Monster came out in 2014, Future has been solidifying himself as the go-to rapper for street bangers, and EVOL is no switch from the program.

Cop it on iTunes and your aux cord will subsequently set your car on fire. Just a warning.


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