Steph Curry Isn’t The Hottest Player In The League Right Now

Steph Curry is proving night in and night out that he is one of the greatest shooters who will ever live, and he did so once again last night. He hit eleven 3’s, 7 of which were in the first quarter, and finished with 51 points.

Curry shot 19-28 from the field in 36 minutes, and was just on fire from the field right from the tipoff. That’s great and all, but I think there’s another point guard who’s not getting enough attention for this amazing statlines and exhilarating performances.

This elite guard, as you probably guessed, is Russell Westbrook. Last night against the Orlando Magic, Russell needed just 22 minutes to rack up a triple double. After 22 minutes, my pizza in the oven is ready.

Westbrook, aka Agent Zero, is averaging 24 points, 10 assists, and almost 8 rebounds per game (7.6, to be exact). Steph is bringing 29.8 points, 6.4 assists, and 5.3 rebounds home every night, and his team has a record worth a double-take, but Russell is on another level right now. Three triple doubles in a row and averaging a triple double in the last 10 games on 46.5% shooting, Westbrook is making his time on the floor count.

The Thunder are 9-1 in their last 10 games, and Westbrook’s play has had a significant influence on that record. It sure does help to have a healthy Kevin Durant by your side, requiring tons of attention himself, but other than that, OKC doesn’t have a ton of offensive output. Ibaka is fine, but he can have zero points and the Thunder would still win as long as the two main attractions were on the court.

Russell Westbrook is the most explosive player in the NBA, and his skillset is found in once in a generation, if you’re lucky. He’s been putting up these kinds of numbers for the last few seasons, and deserves serious consideration for the MVP this year. With a healthy team, OKC is a major threat in the West, and the playoffs will be a test for all 16 teams. When there’s just one remaining amongst the rubble, I expect to see a certain Agent holding a trophy, probably two.




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