This Rapper Is Korea’s Greatest Export


Sometimes you just get tired of listening to the same old songs over and over again, and want some new material. What you need is a new artist to check out, and I’ve got the hookup.

Keith Ape may hail from South Korea, but don’t let that discourage you; his breakout hit “It G Ma” (Korean for “never forget”) was just about the most turnt song released in 2015. This isn’t K-Pop; it’s heavy hitting rap that vastly outpaces any other song you’ve heard this year. While it is admittedly similar to OG Maco’s “U Guessed It”, as is the video, filmed in a hotel, just like Maco, but when you look past that unimportant similarity, Keith Ape’s hit is just as enjoyable if not more so, and has significant replay value, which can’t be said for most rappers, and the guy barely speaks English.

The original version of the song features Keith, JayAllDay, Loota, Okasian, and KOHH, who all happen to be in the same crew together, called the Cohort. Each verse is spit in either Korean or Japanese, with some sprinkling of English here and there; if you watch the music video, you can turn on the captions and see what they’re really saying. In my opinion, Okasian had the best verse; I liked his flow and the confidence he brought to the song (which requires ever rapper who spits on it to really feel themselves, evidencing it through their swagger and energy). It doesn’t even matter that verses are in foreign languages, to be honest; you get the idea of what the guys are saying just by listening and watching the video.

The remix version of “It G Ma” features Waka Flocka, Dumbfoundead, Father, and A$AP Ferg, with Flocka and Fergenstein having the best verses; Dumbfoundead goes off,  but Father just sucks. I really wish Father wasn’t on this track; like really, why couldn’t it have been anyone else?

But anyway, check out “It G Ma” here, and get ready to replay it like fifty times.


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