This Is Your New Favorite Track

Apparently, all you need to make a hit song in the rap community is to have insane Guitar Hero 3 skills. At least that’s the case for Austin Post, a.k.a. Post Malone.

Hailing from Texas, Post Malone caught the attention of white boys and rap fans alike with his breakout hit White Iverson. The energy and swagger that Post brings to the song is different from most other artists in hip hop, and that, along with a dope beat and saucy lyrics ensured that the song would be a hit.

White Iverson and his self-entitled Post Malone EP surely have laid a solid foundation for Post’s career and silenced many doubters, but his latest track, Boy Bandz, will win over any haters or believers of the “industry plant” rumors.

The track dropped on Christmas day, and rather than just give his fans an MP3 file to enjoy, Posty gave us all some dope visuals to go along with the silky Shlohmo production and his low-key bars. The video so far has amassed 1.6 million views, but once the rest of the world wakes up from their food/alcohol induced comas, I’d expect that number to rise quickly; I mean, this song is raw.

“I got N*SYNC dancing on my neck”, proclaims Post just seconds into the video, as he chills and dances around a quiet house with an awe-inspiring view of LA. If you couldn’t tell that Post Malone was feeling himself when White Iverson came out, it’s very clear in the video for Boy Bandz, as his confidence is turned up to over level 9000.

Rocking some gold rings, shiny chains, and a flashy new grill, Post shares his affinity for all things fine, mentioning at one point that he would rock Moncler when he’s cold. If you’re unaware, Moncler is a French-Italian company that makes very warm and very expensive winter jackets, so Post may have expanded his tastes beyond Iverson and Jordan jerseys, but don’t think he’s changed. His music is still fun, relaxed, and of high quality.

As the video rolls on, Post lures you in with his well-crafted, boastful lyrics, and the Shlohmo produced beat keeps you coming back for more. If you enjoyed White Iverson, you’ll definitely like Post’s latest offering. If you didn’t like White Iverson or haven’t heard it, you’ll still thoroughly enjoy this new track.

Check it out right here, and prepare to replay it a few hundred times.


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