7 Fire Mixtapes of 2015

This past year has seen a lot of great music come out, especially in hip hop. There’s been tons of output by a lot of artists, and this made for a year full of fire material for everyone to enjoy. Now that the year is in it’s twilight days, many people will start to look back on 2015 and wonder, what was the most fire mixtape of the year?

Luckily for you, we are going to go over the seven most fire mixtapes of 2015; many didn’t make the cut, but many were worthy— this wasn’t an easy list to make. I’m sure you’ll disagree with all of them, but frankly, I don’t really care.

7 “T.R.U. (The Real University)” – 2 Chainz

Titi Boi dropped off a seriously trapalicious tape with this one. “T.R.U.” has features on almost every song, as 2 Chainz used this tape as a way to promote the artists under his wing. While most casual rap fans may be unaware of who Cap 1, Skooly, or Short Dawg are, you’ll surely keep an eye on the projects these guys put out once you’ve played through the project.

“Someone To Love”, “Better Dope”, “Foreign”, and “Natural” are the hottest tracks.

6 “Slime Season 2” – Young Thug

When Young Thug fans were just starting to calm down after the euphoria “Slime Season” induced, Thugger dropped off a surprise tape in “Slime Season 2”. It was nice not having to wait long for a sequel, but damn, I wish Thugger could be more consistent with the schedule of releases.

Once again highlighting his closest producers, Thugger gives Ricky Racks, Wheezy, Isaac Flame, and Goose plenty of airtime here, as they have their hands all over the project. Whether Thugger’s been working on this tape and has just been delaying it’s release or he was able to whip up a tape of this quality in a week or two is unimportant; he gave us another fire mixtape that’s got super high replay value.

Best song? All of them.

5 “56 Nights” – Future

This tape shut up the Future haters, that’s for sure. Produced almost exclusively by Atlanta producer Southside, this tape was inspired by the 56 nights Future’s friend DJ Esco spent in a United Arab Emirates prison.

In typical Southside fashion, the beats are low and haunting, perfect for horror movies. Future’s lean-fueled bars are boastful as usual, and he really shows his command over his flow and tempo, skills that few can emulate. If you still doubted his ability after Monster (you’re an idiot), you can’t deny his status as the king of hip hop after this tape.

The standout tracks are “Diamonds From Africa”, “Now, “No Compadre”, and “March Madness”, which all happen to be in order (songs 4-7). It was a tape that surprised us all as it came almost unannounced, but it didn’t surprise the real fans that recognize Future for what he is- the hottest thing in trap music and rap.

4 “IYRTITL” – Drake 

We all remember where we were when this came out.

3 “DS2” – Future

2015 was Future’s year, if it belonged to anyone. This summer he gave every hip hop fan some fire material with Dirty Sprite 2, or “DS2” as it is legally known (Sprite wasn’t really into being associated with dirty Sprite, or Sprite mixed with lean).

Metro Boomin has his musical fingers all over the tape, as he executive produced the project, and you can tell, as each beat is fyeeeee. Young Metro solidified himself as the best producer in the game with DS2, and when he and Future combine efforts, you’re in for some lit music.

High playback value here as well, and you can easily find yourself at the end of the tape without having skipped a single track. What more do you need?

2 “Slime Season” – Young Thug

If you’re a Thugger fan like me, you were waiting on this tape for MONTHS. If you’re a true Thugger fan, you watched that video on his Instagram  of him throwing a beautiful spiral with the dopest beat you’d ever heard like a thousand times. That beat would turn out to be the beat on the second track of the tape, “Quarterback”, and was sooooo worth the wait once you got to hear the song in full for the first time.

While it did have some old tracks, like “Take Kare”, “Mine”, “No Way”, and “Freaky”, they’re all fire and more than welcome here. The new standouts are “Quarterback”, “Overdosin”, “Bestfriend”, “Stunna”, and “Rarri”. Only featuring a couple London On Da Track beats, Thugger gave some of his other producers the lime light, guys like Wheezy and Ricky Racks, and they go off on their beats.

1 “Barter 6” – Young Thug

This mixtape is quite controversial; originally meant to be titled “Carter VI”, Young Thug got into some beef with Lil Wayne, who rightfully started the “Carter” series, as Carter is his last name. Thugger was only intending to honor Wayne by continuing the series after Weezy made us all think he was retiring after he finally releases “Tha Carter V”, but Wayne wasn’t feeling that and had his team of lawyers force a name change.

Thus we have “Barter 6”, and Young Thug cooked us up a good one with this project. Even this is officially dubbed a mixtape, you had to fork over $9 to cop it on iTunes, but it is well worth the fee; you have seemingly unlimited playback value with this tape.

“Check”, “Never Had It”, “With That”, and “Constantly Hating” will be head playing in cars and cribs for years to come.

Do you agree with any of the mixtapes on this list? What’s your top seven?


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